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The UK’s Leading Specialist Flapjack Manufacturer

Busy people barely get a break. Everything’s done on the move, often at high speed. But whatever you’re doing, healthy nutrition is essential and Focused Nutrition products provide it.

Good, wholesome food isn’t “just nice to eat”. It’s essential to health, growth, recovery, replenishment and general wellbeing.

We specialise in creating winning recipes and baking nutritious, healthy flapjacks. They’re handmade by expert bakers who are considerably skilled in this specialised area of baking.

We’re proud of what we’ve created


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Applejacks Flapjacks

The perfect pick-me-up for busy people on the move and in demand. It’s the anytime snack that plugs into anyone’s schedule.

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The Healthy Flapjack Manufacturer

We already provide a wide range of flapjacks under our own label to organisations who have been working with us for many years, including our very own “Functional Food” range which contains a Breakfast Bar, Omega Bar (Omega3 & 6) a Protein Enriched range and a “No Added” range of flapjacks with no added salt, wheat, or dairy.

But we can just as easily create a unique brand of flapjacks and healthy nutritional products especially for you. Your stamp, your badge and your branding, all backed by our stamp of taste and quality, consistency and value.

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Flapjacks UK

We partner with and supply many of the UK’s largest catering companies, vending companies, high street stores, supermarket chains and regional and national distributors and wholesalers with Focused Nutrition products.

We cover the whole of the UK and are now reaching out deeper into Europe.

We’re proud of our flapjacks and our product range and our focus on Customer Service and Service Excellence is front and centre of all that we do and everything we can achieve.

Our primary business target is to build our future through working closely with you, sharing knowledge and information and generating profits and success.

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We have the know-how and the knowledge to help you, by using our experience and expertise to create unique products that will boost your bottom line. And your profits.

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We were recommended to Focused Nutrition from one of their existing clients, because of the way they look after customers.

We were walked through our idea, and it was clarified with our aims and what works in the formulation process for the guys themselves. After a couple of reasonably priced trials, we were very close to what we had in mind at the outset. They have a lot of the technical stuff covered in house which is great for us, and some great support services they introduced us to take care of the marketing side of things.

—An enthusiastic client of Focused Nutrition’s Bespoke Bar Service for contract clients

We are very happy with the product and service from Martin and his team at Focused Nutrition.

We had been looking for a company to work with on developing a sports nutrition bar for our sports snack range. I initially dealt with another company and spent over three months trying to achieve a bar that met our expectations however they could not deliver what we had envisioned. I then came across Focused Nutrition’s website and after an initial conversation with Martin on the phone I came away confident we had found the right company to produce the goods!

—A delighted Director (own label client)

Call us on: 0845 230 0058

We are keen to work with wholesalers, distributors and retailers – forward thinking businesses – who want to grow their success on a closer relationship with our customer-focused organisation.

Together we can forge partnerships that make everyone winners.

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