There are few treats as satisfying as the flapjack.

There are few treats as satisfying as the flapjack. Whether you’re eating one with a cup of tea or getting yourself some fuel before exercising, the flapjack’s simplicity certainly doesn’t compromise on its taste. In the US flapjacks date back to the early 17th century, yet they resemble pancakes, with the name originating from the […]


Protein Nutrition

Protein is one of the main food groups we need in our diets to stay in tip top condition, as you likely already know from that big poster on the wall that every primary school in the country seemed to have next to the canteen (despite the canteen never having anything more than dinosaur shaped […]

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How To Go Vegan

How To Go Vegan

Record numbers are choosing to go vegan. Thinking of joining them? When multiple Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton announced last year that he was going vegan, there was widespread consternation amongst the sporting media. This is a man who competes in one of the most physically gruelling sports on the planet. Drivers can lose […]

What are the implications to your health?

How much does it cost to eat healthily? It’s no secret that in today’s society the majority of us feel strapped for time and money, challenges which can lead to poor diet choices. The convenience of processed, ready prepared food can at the end of the day seem all too tempting, opposed to cooking from […]

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Gluten Free Shortbread

At one point or another it’s likely we’ll be plagued with the dreaded Hayfever attack that we’d managed to avoid so well. So what exactly is an allergy? Allergies can develop at any point, with one in four people in the UK developing one at some point in their life. Basically an allergy is the […]

Bespoke Contact Manufacture

Bespoke Food Manufacturer

Focused Nutrition prides itself on being a bespoke food manufacturer and supplying wholesome, healthy products for people on the move, who are always busy. We know that each business is different, with different preferences and needs and we respect that your vision is unique to you. We work collaboratively with businesses to make a vision […]